Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How Avengers look like during the last week of No Shave November!

This is how these superheros will look! #Avengers
So.. here goes!


 Captain America!




Monday, November 9, 2015

Dont feed on my time, social media dementors!

Was sick since last 2 days so thought of doing something else other than client work. ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

CART-O-SAURUS - Photoshop work

Just an ordinary guy taking out his dinosaur cart in the cold desert at night.
I call this artwork 'Cart-o-saurus'

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birthday Poem Written for someone!

Was checking my saved notes when I came across this poem which I had written for someone a few months ago...

Here goes...


I want you to get the heart-felt message in these lines,
I try my best to do my crazy rhymes.
Hope you take in the feelings and not just read through,
I wish a very happy birthday to you.

You are an amazing person,
You have taught me how to love friends without reason.
To me you are a very special person,
Without you my awesome life will worsen.

Tears don’t look good on you,
Then drinking milk because later you will get the flu.
I want you to be happy always smiling,
Even when sometimes we are fighting.

Oh, is it your birthday today?
Do you feel sweet devil on this day?
You are sweet devil every day.

I know you love your coffee a lot,
It’s sweet, bitter, smart, childish and hot.

Your friendship is so good it has to be grateful about,
How much ever I thank you it will be always less, no doubt.
You have indeed given me a good friendship and been a special friend,
To infinity let this relationship extend.

Oh, is it your birthday today?
Do you feel mental on this day?
You are mental every day.

Good values and morals you have taught me,
But you pessimism on good books is what I don’t agree.
I love it when you laugh on my jokes and actions,
And I will always make you laugh more there aren’t any options. (:

Thank you for being in my life and treating me good,
Don’t tell me ‘don’t thank me’ because I should.
Do you remember how we ate the butterscotch cone?
It’s amazing how our relationship has grown.

You should get my message I have told it like a smarty,
With that I want a big cake and an all-day party.

Oh, is it your birthday today?
Do you feel special on this day?
You are special every day.

I could have written more but I have to end,
So lastly, happy birthday my special friend.
A very happy birthday to you… again,
The end.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Become and awesome person... today!

  • Adapt to change.

  • Are not one to complain.

  • Spend your time productively.

  • Are self motivated.

  • Never hesitate to do more.

  • Are willing to help others.

  • Forgive.

  • Are happy with the success of others.

  • Take every obstacle as a learning opportunity.something from it.

  • Love being around successful people.

  • Love unconditionally.

  • Take on responsibilities and never blame.

  • Love learning new things.

  • Are curious about other people.

  • Always aim to do better.

  • Are willing to let go.

  • Are fearless.

  • Question what you don’t know.

  • See things in a few different perspectives.

  • Work well with others.

  • Are passionate about your pursuits.

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Acknowledge your mistakes.

  • Understand the pain of others.

  • Are content.

  • Never give up.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Don’t care what others think of you.

  • Take criticism positively.

  • Love the person you see in your mirror.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A poem written for me on my 23rd Birthday

If art is a lion, you are its master,
For every fractured design, you are the plaster.
You are a amazingly creative and also a learner,
Many others fail as they are much sterner.
Your work is always at its highest peak,
It charms us all and it does speak.
Just remember success lies in the want to learn,
Your focus should not waver by the money you earn.

Talking about the person you are,
You are certainly way above the par.
There are few who are as humble and nice,
For that one day you will get the price.

Just value your time and be less lazy,
I know the idea is slightly crazy.
Never from this passion of yours may you resign,
Because you are god's most perfect design.

In the end I know a lot of pain I cause,
My changes with your design never pause
But I hope you get irritated never,
And we remain the best 'business' friends forever!
- Nukul Jain